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Our idiot savant, Edward Kiniry-Ostro has been seen in numerous works including: The Soloist, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development, Happy Endings, and Greek just to name a few. He is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts and has performed and studied at IO West and The Groundlings. His theater credits are extensive working from coast-to-coast. He is a founding member of The Silver Lake Chorus, whose debut album is slated to drop in 2014. His short film, Hold Up Heart, has been making the festival rounds this year. 

SAL NESLUSAN- SYD/Writer/exec producer



Meet Sean Cook, our amazeballs producer. Yo Sean, what CAN'T you do?! Not much. Sean's Producing credits include Hold Up Heart and Drive Danny Drive, which won Best Narrative at the Moondance International Film Fest in 2013. Sean is also paid to get killed or get beat up in indie features or TV. He has been run over and shot by Cuba Gooding, Jr., threatened with a knife by Amber Heard, slapped around by Antonio Banderas and slammed on the head with a brick by Bree Turner. It just seems to come naturally to those whom work with him. He's a lucky guy.

Sal is an actress, writer, and producer from Webster, MA. After graduating from Syracuse UNiversity, she moved out to LA to pursue her dreams and totally freak out her parents. You can catch her in a slough of independent films, Screaming a bunch on Criminal Minds, getting down with her soapy self on The bold and the beautiful, oron her previous webseries Professional Friend. 

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Edward kiniry-ostro -stu/writer/creator

sean cook- producer

kaitlin cullum- production designer

Kaitlin Cullum may be sweeter than honey, but she also is a killer production designer. Kaitlin is an actor, production designer, and illustrator in Los Angeles, often working out of the creative studio she founded, Fours Are Yellow. Born and raised in LA, Kaitlin began acting and drawing at a young age. She was on television and film sets as a child and has worked with some amazingly talented people such as Alfonso Cuarón and photographer Peggy Sirota. At home Kaitlin was taught to draw by her father, a cartoonist for The New Yorker, which helped her creat her own major, American Visual Culture: Film, Art and Architecture at The University of California, Berkeley. You can follow Kaitlin in her various creative endeavors on Instagram @foursareyellow

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Alana da fonesca- composer

Alana Da Fonseca, our kick butt composer, may be the single most amazingly talented human being alive. Here's why: Alana is an American award winning, platinum selling producer, songwriter, engineer and vocal arranger. She's written over two hundred original songs licensed in feature films and has multiple platinum and gold soundtracks. Some of her film work includes: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Hot Tub Time Machine, Iron Man, and Pitch Perfect 1 & 2. As a vocal producer she's worked with some of today's top artists including Daft Punk, Sean Paul, Julian Casablancas, Kesha, Adam Lambert, B.o.B, & Miley Cyrus. 

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Our editor, Bri Dellinger, is not only the sexiest editor in the biz but also the coolest. After attending Pepperdine University she's been consistently working in various genres: documentary, scripted comedy, indie features and most often she can be found editing reality tv. She's proud to have worked on Top Chef, Project Runway, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, The Glee Project, MTV's True Life, and Showtime's Polyamory, among numerous other shows. She enjoys her work and loves taking on fun projects like Roomiess! (We paid her to say that.)

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Nate Cornett is a freelance cinematographer based in Los Angeles. He's so cool he doesn't need a pic! He regularly shoots short-form comedy content for websites such as Funny or Die,, College Humor, and AwesomenessTV.On television, his work has appeared on IFC, MTV, PBS, and Nickelodeon. As a commercial DP, his clients include Tresemme, Purell, Pier One, Samsung, and Nintendo. For more on Nate check out